FAQs for the Soul Midwives School

I don’t have  medical qualifications, but I’d  like to become a Soul Midwife …does that matter?

No, Soul Midwives are non -medical helpers working alongside and in co-operation with the exisiting medical team. We train Soul Midwives from all walks of life including teachers, vetinary assistants, healers, funeral directors , an air hostess even a rock star! Many nurses doctors and chaplains  have also completed our training  to enhance their existing work skills. We are there to provide comfort, love and support it’s as beautifully simple as that

 Do I need to be religious ?

Our work is non denominational and not aligned with  to any particular faith or religion.  We are there to provide deep and consistent companionship and spiritual support  during the dying process.  Our Soul Midwives come from many backgrounds including Anglican, Catholic, Buddhist, Quaker, Pagan and we honour  all faith traditions Many  hospice and hospital chaplaincy teams include  Soul Midwives.

Could  I charge for my work?

This is up to you, but most  Soul Midwives, once they have completed their training, and carried out the probationary period ,charge an hourly or block rate for their time. This is usually in line with local rates for services such as massage or counselling. You will need to have obtained DRB checks and be fully insured.  Some work places, such as care homes, pay  retainers for Soul Midwives to come in as required.

Do I need to be insured?

Yes, our training will enable you to gain professional insurance ( at the discretion of the insurance company) and we only refer families to insured Soul Midwives

I only want to volunteer my services. How would I go about doing this?

Some Soul Midwives may choose to  volunteer their services to  groups  or organisations. These may include cancer support groups, church groups, elder women’s groups or community centres. We can suggest ways in which to volunteer your new skills

How do mainstream organisations view  Soul Midwifery?

Our courses are  highly  regard by many leading  organisations providing end of life care. As  the Soul Midwives Movement is still young , our  good reputation has  developed through consistency, trust building and  integrity.  We follow a strict code of practice to   protect   and honour  the “friends” and families we support. We are an enthusiastic and commited member of the Dying Matters Coalition which was set up in 2009 by the National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) to promote public awareness of dying, death and bereavement. I

ts mission is “to support changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards death, dying and bereavement, and through this to make ‘living and dying well’ the norm”.

If you are an organisation seeking to work with an accredited and qualified Soul Midwife, trained by Felicity Warner at The Soul Midwives School, we would ask you to contact us  to confirm  that this soul midwife has indeed been trained by us and follows our own strict criteria. Flattered as we are that others  are calling  soul midwives, we can only vouch for  and recommend our own students

How do I book your courses?

That’s easy –  for the Introductory Day, go to the Intro day page of this site, and download the form. For other courses email us at  info@soulmidwives.co.uk and we will send you a booking form

Where is the Soul Midwive’s School?

The Soul Midwives’ School is at Watercleaves, Dottery, Bridport,  Dorset. DT6 5HW

The nearest railway stations are Axminster ( about 7 miles away)  and Dorchester ( about 18 miles away)

Both stations are served by the number 31 Bus which stops in both Bridport

How can I find details of local B & B’s?

We suggest that you click here to view the Bridport Tourist office site and/or here to view  the Chideock and Seatown site. If you are booking for a Level 1 or Level 2 Course we will send you full details of recommended accommodation

What do I need to bring with me when arrive for my course?

Nothing except an enquiring mind and a loving heart. In its simplest form, Soul Midwifery is all about being a loving companion or friend to someone who is dying.

But bring anything that you like to use to feel comfy and relaxed such as favourite essential oils, soft blankets, singing bowls, etc.

Do I need to bring lunch?

You will need to bring a packed lunch with you on an Introductory Day course, but we will  supply  tea/coffee, biscuits and cake

On a three day or two day course and most of the “craft” of soul midwifery study  days, a hearty  organic vegetarian  lunch is included

Are there any books I should read before I come, to prepare me?

It’s useful to have  read Felicity’s book A Safe Journey Home –  Gentle Dying and of course The  Soul Midwives Handbook (details are given on the book page of this site)

If I become a practitioner, will I be able to receive further advice, support and training ?

Practitioners who hold a Level 1 Practicing Certificate  have access  to our private  Soul Midwives Forum which is a vibrant platform for sharing ideas.  It also  has news of events and offers peer support and advice. The Forum also fields requests for Soul Midwives from members of the public.

Professional supervison is also available

We are always exploring more ways to extend our services to those who most need them and, just as importantly, to offer love and support to each other. Local groups of Soul Midwives often meet to support each other across the UK.

If I complete the Practitioner Course, can I become a teacher?

Becoming a fully fledged Soul Midwife doesn’t happen over night.  After completing the Practitioner training, you will be asked to serve an active apprenticeship in the sitting with the dying ( usually in a voluntary role) and asked to  provide 6 case studies for assessment before you  are fully qualified .  Training to become a soul midwife teacher may be possible, after detailed  and mentored experience in the field,  via   the Soul Midwives School.

The apprenticeship period is an extremely important  part of becoming a soul midwife. Any student , claiming to be a teacher after attending the three day practitioner training and describing their courses  as “soul midwifery training”  will no longer be recognised a member of the Soul Midwives community or be able to access our private members forum .

We have had to take this view to protect the dying and their families and also the good name of Soul Midwives.

All our teachers are hand picked for their experience and  personal  qualities  as Soul Midwives . They  have been trained  by us,  worked within the communities and successfully completed   certificated Soul Midwives School  training  modules.

For your own, peace of mind, it is  advisable  to  only learn  “soul midwifery”  from  expert teachers who will  regard  the  well being  of both families and the soul midwives  serving them  as paramount importance.