Felicity Warner

Founder of Soul Midwives

Video Library

Here are a selection of the many wonderfully informative introductions to, and tutorials about, Soul Midwifery and the skills and tools that Felicity and the Soul Midwives community use in their daily work.

“Nothing Unsaid.” For this one you’ll need to click through to Vimeo to see and hear Felicity talking about her own death.

Midwife to the dying – Felicity Warner on Channel Five News.

Learn about using Violet Leaf essential oil for dealing with grief.

Felicity’s ‘Don’t leave home without it’ oil.

Silver Fir is a remarkable oil to help find release from outworn patterns. Here’s how …

Felicity Warner – Nominee
Inspirational Women of the Year.

Felicity’s meditation for entering the dying period. You’ll need a password to watch this. Please use ‘soulmidwife’.

Felicity Warner, author of ‘Sacred Oils’ explains the word ‘Myrrhophore’.

Felicity Warner talks about her book ‘A Safe Journey Home’.