Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses are generally open to all with an interest in Soul Midwifery.

Reiki for Soul Midwifery

Krista Hughes - Soul Midwife & Mentor

A workshop open to both Soul Midwives and non Soul Midwives who have studied Level 1 Reiki

Reiki for Soul Midwifery and the care of the dying is one of the most powerful tools available for bringing peace and nurture to those at end of life. Krista Hughes is lead mentor for Soul Midwives School , she is also a Reiki master, salaried Soul Midwife at the Mulberry Centre in Surrey and restorative Yoga teacher. In this CPD workshop, Krista teaches how we can use Reiki for the 4 stages of dying and in general Soul Midwifery practice.

Reiki for Soul Midwifery


Wednesday September 13th 2023
7pm to 9pm


Feeding at End of Life

Sam Arter

“Your loved one is not dying because they are not eating, they not eating because they are dying”

Feeding at end of life – is a subject that worries so many people who are caring for family members and other loved ones.

How can we advise families who may have serious concerns about feeding their dying loved ones?

Sam Arter is a NHS Dietician and Soul Midwife

In this CPD class she will weave together soul midwifery and her day job as a NHS Dietitian.

Sam will be looking at physiological changes in ageing and dying related to appetite and diet. Connection to the elements. Conversations with friends and their loved ones about nutrition at the end of life. Dietary advice and support through the stages of dying, palliative care to end of life and last days. Advice on enriching food to increase protein and calories, nourishing drinks, the use of nutritional supplement drinks and understanding tube feeding and IV fluids.

Please note this course will not be recorded 

Feeding at End of Life


Wednesday October 11th 2023
7pm to 9pm


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The Soul Midwives Handbook by Felicity Warner
Anyone with an open and compassionate heart and a desire to help others can train to become a Soul Midwife. This book will guide you through the core principles and techniques of this practice. Read More

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Soul Midwifery for Animals


Wednesday September 14th 2022
7pm to 9pm


What Would Love Do Now


Saturday November 20th 2021
11.00am to 1.00pm


Sacred Listening


Wednesday October 13th 2021
6.00pm to 8.00pm


Soul Midwives Refresher Day

This course is perfect for any Soul Midwife who trained a while ago and wants to up date skills and practice. A great opportunity to refresh, re-connect and ask all this questions that inevitably occur.

The course is undertaken using Zoom which has become a very effective way of delivering training in these unusual times. It is a one day course starting at 10.30am and finishing around 4pm .

Sacred Listening

Join Mandy Preece, soul midwife and founder of Being Rock, to explore the deeper elements of sacred listening at the bedside.

Enabling our friends to feel heard at the end of their lives is at the heart of our soul midwifery. Together we will explore how we weave our listening with the four elements: holding presence in Earth, reflecting in Water, weathering the heat of Fire and offering our empathy and compassion in Air. This is listening as a spiritual practice – the art of being alongside.

The course is undertaken using Zoom and is an evening course starting at 6.00pm for two hours.

Flower Remedies

An Introduction to working with Flower Remedies and also understanding our “software Being” with Dr Andrew Tresidder.
Andrew Tressider

Dr Andrew Tresidder has worked with flower essences as an NHS doctor for many years and is a very skilled energy practitioner.

He’s a GP and GP Appraiser with experience in Medical School teaching (Bristol), Pastoral Care and support of Doctors (SouthWest England), and past Mental Health, Police and Prison work.

Andrew makes many essences at his home in Somerset and has vast knowledge on this subject.

The course is undertaken using Zoom and is an evening course starting at 6.00pm for two hours.

The Four Stages of Dying

This CPD session covers The Four Stages of Dying- Diagnostic Model for the dying process
Soul Midwives Movement

This course is perfect for any Soul Midwife who trained a while ago and wants to up date skills and practice. A great opportunity to refresh, re-connect and ask all this questions that inevitably occur.

The course is undertaken using Zoom and is an evening course starting at 6.30pm for two hours.

Soul Midwifery for Animals

A workshop, open to all, with Pea Horsley.

Can we be Soul Midwives to our pets and other animals? How can we help them when they die? Acclaimed Animal communicator and author Pea Horsely will share her expertise and knowledge on this fascinating and important area in this CPD course.

For anyone thinking of branching out into pet Soul Midwifery, this is a must do course and it’s open to all.

Animal Communicator Pea Horsley is an internationally-renowned animal communicator, author, founder of Animal Thoughts, and TEDx speaker with a passion for interspecies connection.

Sowing the seeds of profound transformation, her goal is to deepen our personal and spiritual understanding of the natural world, re-wilding our connection along the way. She offers grounded, practical, and compassionate teachings to both complete beginners and those with more developed intuitive skills.

Pea Horsley Workshop

Her first online course, ANIMAL COMMUNICATION MADE EASY,  became an instant bestseller helping others to remember their innate ability to communicate with animals. Pea has touched hundreds of thousands of people with her work, growing a collaborative community who share her passion for oneness.

She is a Hay House author with three BOOKS – Heart to Heart, The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love, and Animal Communication Made Easy – which have been translated into 9 languages.

Funeral Celebrancy

Soul Midwife Funeral Celebrancy

A workshop, open to all, with Katie Costello.

This fascinating and informative 2 hour CPD workshop looks at becoming a funeral celebrant and is led by Soul Midwife Katie Costello who is also trained celebrant and recently completed the Coffin Clubs Celebrant plus course.

Katie will lead us through the steps to take, the choices and the options available including burial in your back garden, yes Katie officiated over one of these recently.

Not to be missed.

Katie Costello - Soul Midwife

'What Would Love do Now?'

Imagining A Good Death

A workshop with Julie Barnes and Jude Meryl

What does a good death mean to you? What will it be like? What are your choices and wishes for yourself and your loved ones? How does imagining your own death support you?

Join us for a creative workshop exploring your ideas for planning a good death at the end of your life – as good as it gets! Starting with the inspirational recording of What Would Love Do Now?, there will be space for solo personal reflection and creative expression, using words, pictures, colours, sounds – whatever works best for you with materials that you have to hand. There will be an opportunity to share what you create with others in small groups, if you wish, and to continue talking about what has come up for you during the session.

Julie is a counsellor, coach and facilitator who trained as a Soul Midwife in 2018. She is passionate about finding creative ways to support people in talking about their relationship with death and dying.

Jude is a Soul Midwife, Mentor, Introductory Course Tutor and TLC Trainer. She also runs The Soul Midwives Shop on behalf of the Soul Midwives community.

The course is undertaken using Zoom  and runs from 11am for two hours.

Jude Meryl - Soul Midwife & Mentor