Tender, Loving Care for the Dying

A simple programme for making everyone feel loved and special.

In 2017 The National Council for Palliative Care praised our TLC Compassionate Community Project for the “quality of the love it gave to the dying”.

The TLC programme is a simplified, hands-on version of Soul Midwifery, which sits perfectly within mainstream care settings. In 2019 it was implemented by Dorset NHS, where it is being offered to all End of Life patients within the county’s community hospitals. TLC is also used in many care homes and community health groups, as well as taught to individuals who are caring for loved ones.

Soul Midwives Movement

TLC Days for Individuals and for your Organisation

We have a nationwide network of trained Soul Midwives with specialised TLC Trainer experience. Through this network we can offer training to individuals or groups. We can deliver TLC training in your care home, hospital, hospice, or organisation or we can run courses remotely using Zoom.

Larger organisations may wish to contact us directly in the first instance and we’ll direct you to the most appropriate Soul Midwife in your area to provide the training resources you need.

Carers tell us that they love giving TLC to their patients. “It’s gentle, hands-on, human and tender and it makes everyone feel better” says Anne Crittal, a community Care Assistant, who attended a recent a TLC day in Manchester. Not only that but TLC Training for your people helps maintain and improve Care Quality Commission ratings.

Praise for TLC

Anne HiscockMatron, Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne, Dorset
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"We are delighted to announce that Dorset Health Care NHS Trust have introduced TLC training (a simpler version of Soul Midwifery especially designed for carers) to all their community hospitals, starting with the Yeatman and Blandford Hospitals this September. This means that patients at end of life will be offered the Tender Loving Care programme especially in the final days of life. Dorset HealthCare have also adopted the TLC training into their Trust Strategy which will really promote the principles of Soul Midwifery being incorporated into clinical and possibly volunteer practice – as such they are the first NHS Organisation to take this approach.”
Michaela RussellUnit Manager of Bluebirds Neurological Care Centre, Faraday Drive, Milton Keynes
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“The TLC sessions at our care home have been invaluable in supporting our staff to think more broadly about what is important at the end of someone’s life. I feel that our staff feel more confident when supporting, as the approach is less clinical and more individualised. The staff have all thoroughly enjoyed the TLC sessions and we look forward to extending our partnership with the Soul Midwifery group in the future.”

Further Courses

If you have attended a TLC Day and would like to deepen your knowledge of Soul Midwifery you will be eligible to join our Master Skills courses.