Sacred Oils

Sacred Oils are powerful tools for healing and expanding consciousness. They form part of an ancient healing tradition that dates back thousands of years.

As a Myrrhophore (a woman who heals with Myrrh), Felicity Warner is a lineage holder and teacher of this tradition. Felicity lectures regularly at conferences and universities on the use of Sacred Oils for the psycho-spiritual care of the dying, and is a regular lecturer at the Royal Marsden Hospital, in London.

She addressed the Botanica conference in 2018, the International Federation of Aromatherapists conference  in January 2021 and The Airmid Institute in 2022. She is a regular contributor to the prestigious international aromatherapy journals including  Aromatika magazine

Seeking The Light & Truth Within: Felicity Warner & Sacred Oils

Study Live

 These   powerful Introductory courses on Zoom look at four Sacred Oils on each  workshop. Dip in and out or take all five courses to acquaint you with the 20 Sacred oils featured in Felicity’s book  

Distance Learning

Use Distance Learning to explore the Sacred Oils tradition, which begins with the Emerald Temenos and is followed by the Magdalene and Consolamentum Temenos.

The Book

Felicity Warner’s book ‘Sacred Oils – Working with 20 Precious Oils’ has been highly praised, and she has also recorded a CD of meditations to accompany the book.


Felicity’s book ‘Sacred Oils’ has recently been discovered and reviewed by Frances Fayden who interviewed her . You can hear the podcast below. 

 Frances Fayden says: “Every now and then, a book comes along that answers questions you didn’t even know you had. Sacred Oils is such a book.”

Click the PLAY button above to listen to Frances Fayden’s review of ‘Sacred Oils’.

The Soul Midwives School

Praise for Sacred Oils

Louise CarpenterStudent
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"I started with Myrtle and have now added Yarrow and Rose - spending at least a month with focus on each one. The meditations you provide in the book are beautiful and have been very helpful. I received clear symbols and colour sensations and recently sounds which I am finding powerful: I work with sound a lot.  The Yarrow has had the most welcome and profound effect in terms of establishing energetic boundaries and clearing energetic entities that had attached over time - very much appreciated and a deep relief; and Rose certainly belies the delicacy of its physical appearance in its strength as a healer!

The Emerald Temenos space is wonderful and deeply supportive and revelatory - I very much appreciate it and enjoy my visits."
Sarah WebbStudent
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"Felicity's teachings have been life changing. They have opened unknown doors within and have reawakened my wonder and passion for life.

They make me realise that I am part of a far greater whole than I could normally suspect with my everyday limited awareness. Working with Spikenard, my soul seems to have burst into life revealing deep inner worlds of consciousness." 
Dr. Christine PullarProfessor of Regenerative Medicine, University of Leicester
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“I walk quietly down the steps, the candles reflect the soft green of the temple walls. The aroma is enticing and intoxicating. I approach the altar and ask: "Which oil are we working with today?"

The Emerald Temenos provides a beautiful and safe space for anyone who is drawn to start working with Sacred Oils. Felicity Warner holds you by the hand and gently guides you along a personal pathway of discovery and self-exploration. You are invited to dip a toe in or immerse yourself completely in the work. I recommend the Emerald Temenos to anyone who is curious to see what secrets Sacred Oils hold for them. Enjoy!!
Rev Sheila Simmonds
Rev Sheila Simmonds@username
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Very many thanks for a wonderful afternoon meditating on four of the sacred oils. It was such a rich experience with a truly beautiful group. I still can't quite believe how fast the four-hour session passed, and how much was packed into that time on so many levels. The concept of time is an extraordinary thing indeed!
Lily Rose Abboud, J.D., L.Ac. •	M.A. Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Lily Rose Abboud, J.D., L.Ac. • M.A. Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine@username
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Dearest Felicity~ Thank you SO much for the class today!!! It was amazing... YOU are amazing... and hold such a beautiful space with your smile, your warmth, your knowledge and reverence and humility for and with the oils. It's no wonder they have picked you as their keeper and spokesperson:)!!! I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend .