Meet the Team

Felicity Warner

Founder and Soul Midwife

Felicity Warner - Founder of Soul Midwives

Felicity Warner created the idea of Soul Midwifery for the dying after sitting with many hundreds of people at the end of life.

Her pioneering work over the last twenty-five years has brought a new dimension to holistic and spiritual palliative care, both in the UK and abroad (there are now Soul Midwives working in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe). She is a respected lecturer, teacher and author of four acclaimed books – ‘Gentle Dying’, ‘A Safe Journey Home’, ‘The Soul Midwives’ Handbook’ and ‘Sacred Oils’.

‘The Soul Midwives’ Handbook’ is a text book used by both complementary therapists and in medical and nursing schools.

Region: National

Katie Costello

Soul Midwife and Mentor
Katie Costello - Soul Midwife

Katie has completed Level 1 and 2 of her Soul Midwife training and is a TLC trainer based in Sussex.  Katie has many years experience working in Domiciliary and Palliative care and currently works part time at a local hospice. Katie is able to offer a wide range of End of Life support in the community, Hospices, Care Homes and Hospitals. Katies experience means she has extensive knowledge of working with multidisciplinary teams and directly offering personal hands on care.  Katie holds multiple qualifications including End of life and Dementia care and The Care Certificate. She is ‘Sage and Thyme’ foundation level trained, has completed courses in Grief and Bereavement and is a qualified Life Coach. Katie is also a qualified Angelic Reiki Practitioner. 



Region: South East

Call: 07921 860572

Jude Meryl

Soul Midwife and Mentor
Jude Meryl - Soul Midwife & Mentor

Jude is a Soul Midwife, Mentor, Introductory Course Tutor and TLC Trainer. She also runs The Soul Midwives Shop on behalf of the Soul Midwives community.

After over thirty years of working in education and educational retail, Jude trained as a Soul Midwife in 2013, and has since continued to work alongside families, Care Agencies, GPs, District Nurses and Hospice at Home to support those at end of life who wish to die at home.

Jude is a member of the National Association of Complementary Therapists in Hospice & Palliative Care, whose Annual Conference she addressed in 2017, and of the International Observatory on End of Life Care. She is also a founding member of Midlands End of Life Care, which supports both the Soul Midwives’ ‘In Residence’ programme at MAC (Midlands Art Centre), and annual events around Dying Matters Awareness Week and, having recently moved to Scotland, is now also a member of Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief, whose vision is ‘to create a Scotland where everyone knows how to help when someone is dying or grieving.’

Region: Scotland

Call: ‭07790 919774‬

Krista Hughes

Soul Midwife and Mentor
Krista Hughes - Soul Midwife & Mentor

Krista is a Soul Midwife, Mentor, Introductory Day Tutor, and TLC trainer (and supports curriculum development in the SM School)

Krista has a long-standing background in teaching and as a University Lecturer in Primary Education. She is also a Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Relaxation Therapist, and she is training as a Medical Herbalist.

She trained as a Soul Midwife in 2013. She represents the Soul Midwives on the NHS Surrey Heartlands End Of Life and Palliative Care Strategy Group, and as part of the Studland Medical Centre End Of Life team. She also is part of the volunteer team, as a Soul Midwife, at The Mulberry Centre, who are regional winners of The Service Team Of the Year award in the Macmillan Cancer Volunteer Support 2020 Awards.

Krista is passionate about helping everyone to unlock innate skills and knowledge in compassionate care, so that death and care for the dying are brought back into life and living.

Region: South West

Helen Latham

Soul Midwife and Mentor
Helen Latham - Soul Midwife & Mentor

Helen spent more than thirty years as a High School teacher of Philosophy and Ethics before training to be a Soul Midwife in 2017.

She brings to her work additional skills and qualifications in hypnotherapy and aromatherapy.

She is also a TLC tutor and regional mentor and regularly hosts an online Death Cafe. She has taken an active part in Dying Matters Week in her local community and hosts regular “Meet a Soul Midwife” coffee mornings. Whenever possible Helen regularly spends time with patients in her local hospital and care homes who are receiving End of Life care and believes that anyone can be trained in end of life skills.

Region: North East

Call: 07736 048706

Rachael Field

Soul Midwife and Mentor
Rachel Field - Soul Midwife & Mentor

Following a successful career in brand marketing, Rachael began volunteering at her local Hospice in Stourbridge, as a Ward Assistant. In 2016, she qualified as a Soul Midwife. She is now a regional mentor, an official Soul Midwife on the Spiritual Care Team at Mary Stevens Hospice, and the West Midlands Mentor. She is a TLC Trainer and an active committee member of Dying Matters Dudley.

In 2020, Rachael has worked with Public Health England to take TLC into Care Homes in the Midlands. The project is funded by the CCG as part of a pilot programme to provide extra support to care workers and enhance their end of life care skills

Rachael is also an Angelic Reiki Master, Meditation guide and a Restorative & Yin Yoga teacher.


Region: Midlands

Call: 07950 813393

Bet Huws

Soul Midwife and Mentor
Bet Hughes - Soul Midwife & Mentor

Bet is a native Welsh speaker, a grief counsellor and A founder of Caffi Angau (Welsh-medium Death Café),

She is the mentor for Wales and has studied both life and death extensively, with the mission to continue a family tradition of caring for her people within the community

She sees Soul Midwifery as a way of empowering individuals at a time of great vulnerability. She is also Myrrophore working with essential oils

Region: Wales

Call: 07774 125165

Snezzy Floyer

Soul Midwife and Mentor
Snezzie Floyer - Soul Midwife & Mentor

Having spent over thirty years teaching English at Secondary School level, she retrained as a Soul Midwife in 2017 and is also a hypnotherapist.

Snezzy has an Arts degree from the Open University and has completed her Soul Midwife Training at both Levels 1 and 2. She has qualified as a TLC trainer through the Soul Midwives School and has completed her training with sacred oils.

Currently she is a regional mentor for Devon and is about to embark on an MSc. with Glasgow University on their End of Life Studies.

Region: Devon

Call: 01409 231805

Laura Yarham

Soul Midwife and Mentor
Laura Yarham - Soul Midwife & Mentor

Laura has been a registered nurse for over 34 years and has care and compassion at her core.

She has spent the past 8 years working in a palliative care setting while also undergoing her level1 and 2 soul Midwifery training. She has gained mentoring and counselling skills during her nursing career and remains focused on keeping those she is caring for at the centre of all she does.

She is passionate about providing truly holistic care at the end of life. She is a regional mentor for Dorset

Region: Dorset & Somerset

Call: 07825 408565

Cathy Chiplen

Soul Midwife and Mentor

Cathy is our Soul Midwife Mentor for Somerset and Avon. She is a highly  skilled  Soul Midwife, Thanatologist, complementary therapist and Reiki master.

She has a particular interest rites and practices of death and grief in indigenous cultures. Cathy’s studies of grief practices, coupled with her own personal losses, have led to an interest in ‘Grief Tending’ with particular reference to the teachings of Francis Weller in his seminal work ‘The Wild Edge of Sorrow’. Cathy feels she has further callings in this direction as a natural extension of her Soul Midwifery work

Cathy is both a Trustee and Therapist for Somerset-based baby and child loss charity “Towards Tomorrow”

She is also a co-host of Death Café Taunton, which gained gained national media recognition for it’s proactive approach to Covid-19 lockdown, being one of the first Death Cafés to go ‘online’ during lockdown.


Region: Somerset

Call: 07752 899288

Tracey Vickery

Soul Midwife and Mentor
Tracey Vickery - Soul Midwife & Mentor

Tracey has a background as a degree trained Oncology/Haematology Nurse with a wealth of end of life experience within the acute hospital setting.

She qualified as a Soul Midwife in 2017 and has since completed her Level 2 and she is also a TLC trainer (taking the TLC training days into a group of national care homes) and is a regional Mentor for Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

She has delivered a presentation on Soul Midwifery during Dying Matters Awareness Week at a university to student nurses. She is a volunteer Soul Midwife/Chaplain at her local hospital and runs a local Death Cafe in her community.

Tracey has also been actively involved in the SM in Residence scheme within the Midands and is is openly active about encouraging everyone to talk about all aspects of death and dying with an open and compassionate heart.

Region: Midlands

Call: 07814 219611

Jo Franklin

Soul Midwife and Mentor
Jo Franklin - Soul Midwife & Mentor

Please contact me for further information.

Region: East Anglia

Call: 07752 016164