How to become a Soul Midwife

We may all be Soul Midwives at heart, but it takes training and dedication to become one.

Our courses began over twenty years ago, as a pioneering approach to caring for the dying. Since then more than 800 students, women and men, aged from 23 – 84 years have trained with us.

You don’t need formal qualifications to enrol, but you will need dedication, compassion and excellent listening skills.

Our methods are used within the NHS, hospices, care homes and within the community. 

And many people simply join our courses for their own personal development and to gain an important life skill.

Training Soul Midwives

Inspire, Prepare, Reflect

The intention behind our courses is not only to teach, but also to inspire and prepare, in a reflective way, for the essential work of caring for the dying. You’ll find our training style warm and compassionate, everyone is made to feel very welcome whether is at our school. or via our distance school or new popular Live trainings  which are held via Zoom

Currently Two Ways to Learn

Using our Distance Learning Programme

Work at home in your own time

StudyLIVE with Felicity Warner

Work at home using Zoom to attend class

Take a look at the course you wish to follow to find out what options are available.
Any queries please contact us.

Soul Midwives School

A note about our School

The Soul Midwives School has been a place of learning, where Soul Midwives can learn their craft in a tranquil and nurturing environment.

Currently closed, we have all missed the personal contact connected with face to face teaching but we are adapting to the new reality. And actually we’re finding that we can still create the connections even working remotely.

We do not have a timescale at the moment as to when the School will re-open so would encourage you to start or continue your journey with us using one of the Study at Home methods detailed above.

We think you’ll find it deeply rewarding.

Meet the Teachers

Felicity Warner - Founder of Soul Midwives

Felicity Warner

Founder of Soul Midwives and Principal of the Soul Midwives School. Author of ‘Gentle Dying’, ‘A Safe Journey Home’, ‘The Soul Midwives’ Handbook’ and ‘Sacred Oils’.

Awarded Care Champion of the Year in 2017 by the National Council for Palliative Care and Royal College of Nursing, Felicity was also named End of Life Doula of 2017 by the Good Funeral Awards.

Felicity teaches on each day of the Level One training and both days of Level Two. She also specialises in teaching psycho-spiritual care of the dying, the last three days of life, and working with Sacred Oils.

Dee Dade

Dee Dade has been practising as a Soul  Midwife for over twelve years. She has worked at her local hospice, nursing homes and within the community.

Dee has a background in holistic therapies and in grief counselling, all skills that support her work as a Soul Midwife.

“Teaching Soul Midwives in the art of Gentle touch is a really wonderful aspect of my work: I believe deeply and passionately that the more people who have these skills to support people at the end of life brings us closer to our desire for EVERYONE to have the journey at the end of their lives that they choose.” 

Dee Dade - Soul Midwife
Mandy Preece - Soul Midwife

Mandy Preece

Mandy Preece is a Soul Midwife, communication coach and ambassador for Macmillan Caring Locally.

After training as a Soul Midwife, Mandy began volunteering at her local hospice and is passionate about enabling volunteers to be alongside patients. In 2013, she initiated a volunteer bedside companion scheme. Volunteers receive her experiential communications training so they can support patients at the end of life.

In 2017 the training received the Princess Royal Training Award for best practice in the workplace. Mandy has now helped other hospices set up similar schemes. In 2019 Mandy was voted NHS Unsung Hero Volunteer of the year and was asked to join a Helpforce Steering Group looking at volunteer roles within the NHS.

Michael Chamberlain

Michael Chamberlain is a highly experienced Sound Therapist, trained at the British Academy of Sound. He uses the transformational nature of sound and harmonics to work subtly to restore a sense of peace and calm.

He teaches both diagnostic and therapeutic use of sound to student Soul Midwives.

Michael Chamberlain