Distance Learning

If you can't come to us, we'll come to you.

The perfect way to learn during this challenging time.

If you have access to a computer and the Internet, you can start Soul Midwifery training today. Join the growing band of exceptional people who are taking Soul Midwifery out into the community and making a difference to the lives – and deaths – of everyone they help.

The first step of the distance training is completing the distance Intro Module. This is a stand alone reflective opportunity to examine your own personal beliefs and ideas around death and dying as well as the foundation of the Soul Midwives training.

If  you’ve enjoyed one of our TLC Training Days and would like to study Level 1 you can now take our Distance Learning Access Module which, together with your TLC Training Day, qualifies you to attend our Level 1 Course here at the school or to enrol for Level 1 in our Distance Learning program.

The Soul Midwives Distance Learning programme teaches students from all over the world and the UK, and starts with the Introductory Module. Here, you’ll explore your ideas around death and dying, and your potential for studying, and eventually offering, Soul Midwifery.

After that, you can sign up for our certificated Level One Distance Programme. This consists of nine modules teaching the essential skills to become a Soul Midwife. You will be required to complete study tasks and written assignments as you work through the programme.

This is a certificated course leading to registration and eligibility for insurance (at the discretion of the insurance company) and membership of the Soul Midwives’ forum for support, Mentoring, Continuing Professional Development courses and Study Days.

Following this course, students in the UK are required to complete their Case Studies under the supervision of their regional Mentor.

We have Soul Midwives in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa who trained by enrolling on the distance programmes, and who are now practising in their own countries.

The Soul Midwives School

More about this training:

  • Equivalent to Level One at our School
  • Practitioner qualification
  • Certification leads to eligibility for insurance in the UK (this may vary in other countries)
  • Personal Mentoring from Felicity Warner all the way through
  • Study at your own pace
  • Access our vibrant Soul Midwives online community
  • Mix and match your Distance Learning with real time courses at the Soul Midwives School in Dorset
  • Pay as you go

Distance Learning Courses are available in individual modules.

There are two ways to begin your Soul Midwifery training:

The Introduction to Soul Midwifery (the Intro Module) is ideal if you are brand new to Soul Midwifery and is a pre-requisite to moving on to the Level 1 Part One course.

The Access Module is ideal if you have attended one of our TLC Training days and, once complete and together with your TLC training, allows you to move directly to the Level 1 Part One Course. 

Introduction to Soul Midwifery


Access Module


Level One – Part One


Level One – Part Two


Level One – Part Three


The Soul Midwives School

Praise for our Distance Learning Courses

Rev Ashley Liddington
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"Your journey will be incredible, hard at times, but always with a sense of the miraculous. In opening up your heart to the care of the dying, you will be making a powerful change not only to your life, but to those whom you care for."
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"I have worked in End of Life care for over ten years and have always been passionate about meeting the needs of those who are dying, in the most appropriate way. I heard about Soul Midwives and decided to take the plunge and register for the Distance Learning course as I could not attend a training in person. I have not looked back! It's been amazing, the material is outstanding and the activities really make you think about how you care for others. I have learnt so much and been so blessed by the experience. If you are thinking about it I would encourage you to just do it. You won’t regret it."
JessDoctor based in Australia
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 “This course, enlightened, inspired and enriched my understanding of life as well as death…”
LauraReflexologist based in the USA
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“I couldn’t put it down... just wanted to learn more and more.”
NickPriest based in New Zealand
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”Please add extra courses… This is the most vital learning that I have ever done, thank you.”